Your Personal Organization Precedes Your Greatness

Don’t Ever See Life From The Lens Of Scarcity Or Low Self-worth
February 21, 2020
Guide Your Mind
February 23, 2020

His beautiful sky blue tie was stained with a rust and he never noticed it. His finger nails had dirt deposits and it never bothered him.

When he came to my office complaining that he was treated unfairly because his bid did not pass through the technical evaluation even though according to him it was the best submission, I wasn’t surprised. I asked him to put a call through to find out why. He did and the answer he got was a shock to him still, I wasn’t surprised.

Here’s the feedback to him: “You got three pages of your bid’s documents with details of another company. You did not edit the documents properly and that’s a conflict. Also, one of the submitted documents was stained with palm oil. Some critical details as related to the decision to be made were messed up.”

Lessons learned: Your personal organization precedes your greatness. It will either make or mar you. Take care of details, especially the little ones.

– JS

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