Why Do I Choose To Love?

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September 5, 2019
Mind Engineering
September 5, 2019

Why do I choose to love?

Love is life and it is the most powerful creative force in the entire universe. Love names up 99% of the chemical structure in the fluid called blood that flows to every cell in our body to deliver its daily need and keeps it alive.

Love is the intelligence that every cell uses in creating its physical structure, form the shapes we carry and what we call identity.
Love is the intelligence that defines what we refer to as ‘us’ and not ‘them’ or ‘me.’

We have memories and some are very ancient and they all create what we call attachment.

That memory can work to support what you create or may create blockers to your intent.
Every cell is intelligent and a miniature universe of its own but must work together it with the other 50 trillion cells to create what you call life and living.

John Shaibu.

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