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UNbroken – Channelling the power of the mind

Nothing Others Do is Because of You
May 10, 2015
You are a Hero
November 15, 2016

1. Give out good vibes: Resist every temptation to be negative; people and events are attracted to you based on the positive or negative vibes you ooze. Staying positive and relating with people out of love is the best way to get the most out of life.
2. Think positive thoughts: There is nothing you can ever gain from negative or fear laden thoughts. Save yourself the unwarranted pains and stress.
3. Be impeccable with your spoken words: Choose your words wisely and avoid words that can cut through a soul instead of lifting the person’s spirit.
4. Don't judge yourself or anyone: Ditch the depressing critical voice and give everyone around you a slit. Cut yourself some also. Respect the people in your life, respect the choices they make and avoid unhealthy judgments
5. Don't make assumptions: Our knowledge base is limited to the accurate or inaccurate pieces of information we have gathered regarding an issue. Therefore, don’t be quick to trust any assumption you make. Until we know all things and all the variables involved in a situation, hold your assumptions lightly and don’t turn it into a death sentence for people around you.
6. Don't take anything personally: Life happens and people act or react due to a myriad of reasons. There is absolutely no reason to look at yourself as the victim in any situation. Be quick to laugh and shrug off anything.
7. Forgive yourself when mistakes are made and move on: When you give room for mistakes, you foster an environment where growth can be experienced. Failure at a particular project is not permanent; learn from the mistake, dust yourself up and move on.
8. Always do your best and give your best in the service of others: Never give in to mediocrity; always give life your best shot in all you do. You have no idea who may be watching you or learning from you. Being recipient of your loving selflessness will add value and bring joy to them.
9. Love yourself: When people see you have a good self-esteem and love yourself as you should, it helps them to be more comfortable around you. Accept all your perfections and imperfections; there is a reason you have the mix you are struggling with. The is no perfect human anywhere, so stop the comparisons that do nothing more than lead you into deeper depression.
10. Trust your Creator and tap into the blessings that come from connecting with the   Holy Spirit. The Great One has the manual for your life but if you do not connect with Him, there is no way you can experience enlightenment to solve your problems. Make out time to commune with His spirit and watch answers come your way.
We all have our stories and we do our best to make our stories beautiful. As artists, we should paint a beautiful life using all our imaginations to create beauty, joy and happiness. There is much power in our hands; put your mind to work and watch as you emerge UNBROKEN, ready to help others on the healing path. I welcome you to a new world and do hope you experience a transformation, even before you flip the last page. John Onche Shaibu

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