Time To Do A Reflection On Your Life

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December 26, 2019
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December 29, 2019

A decade is ending in a few days and this is the time to do a reflection on your life for the past nine years that nurtured and created the man or woman you are today.

Be grateful and thankful for all that happened, bring it to closure and move on, no matter what the experiences may be. The failed relationships and the successful ones, the failed career and the successful ones, the frightening medical challenges and the good ones, the lost business opportunities, and the successful ones and so many other things.
They are all good and positive.

You either learn the lessons and use it as a launching pad for a new beginning or you grow in assets. Whatever it was, be grateful and thankful. You did your best based on the situational awareness you had and your core beliefs.

As you enter the new decade, be guided by these two truths:
Gratitude and the intent that your thoughts, actions, and habits is very critical. It is the little choices, commitments, goal settings, planning and decisions that will add up. Go, engage, plan and intend to be very successful. You may need to work on your core beliefs to create a new you.


– JS

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