The Challenge We Must First Learn

Until You Change Your Thinking, You Will Always Recycle Your Experiences
September 9, 2019
Allow People To Choose Their Own Path In Life
October 1, 2019

The inability of humans to determine and shape the nature of their experiences is the challenge we must first learn to understand and work to tame and overcome.

Whatever is the nature of your experiences is happening within you and not outside you as assumed by many. So, take charge of what causes the experience within you. It’s either love or fear that sponsors or shapes the interpretation and the reaction that follow and you are the one that is allowing it.

Pay attention to your inner self in order to understand the dynamics of your life flow. In “Mind Engineering”, we learn how to practice calmness using the power in prayers and meditation. You learn how to sync and synergize the energy and the controlling forces in the matrix of your consciousness.

The four elements of focus and attention are your emotions, the mind, energy, and body.
When you create pleasantness, ecstasy, joy, and happiness from within, life will respond to you as your source.

It’s all about the situational awareness, the comprehension and acceptance and taking 100 percent responsibility to create the changes needed, leading to action in behavior and in attitude.

John Shaibu.

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