Take Ownership And 100% Responsibility

2020, The Beginning Of A Fresh Decade.
December 29, 2019
Dream And Come Up With Ideas
January 5, 2020

Where was I in December 2009?

I was the Supervisor, Information Technology Division of Chevron Nigeria Limited, Eastern Area Operations. I was based in Port Harcourt and I was 39 years old.

Where am I in December 2019?

I am retired from Chevron Nigeria Limited and currently running my businesses and I am 49 years old. Currently living in the United States and in Lagos, Nigeria.

Where will I be by December 2029? ???? ———————

This is the time to fill in the gap.
Your choices, your decisions, your beliefs, how you manage your health, your fundamental life energies, your relationships, your finances, the people you spend time with, the messages you listen to, the books you read and the actions you are committed to will all be factors that will impact the outcome.

Take ownership and 100% responsibility.

– JS

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