Life Is Not A Struggle But Your Ability To Identify The Opportunities

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October 1, 2019
Invest In Building Your Mental Capacity
October 7, 2019

Life is not a struggle but your ability to identify the opportunities avail to you or you can create one, then scale up progressively by applying discipline, commitment and continues learning leading to growth.

Start a business by investing your time to learn a value chain income creating revenue system. You can choose to offer a product or services that target 50 persons patronage per day and that will enable you to make a profit of N3.00k(Three naira per person).

In thirty days, with commitment, consistency, discipline and continues engagement, you will be making a profit of N140,000.00k (One hundred and forty thousand naira).

Perfect the system by improving the content that will attract more patronage. The more person that patronize your business, the more profit you will make. It is a number game.

Currently, Big Brother Nigeria (BBN) is ongoing. On average, over 170 million audiences in Nigeria alone vote at the cost of N0.30k(Thirty kobo per person) every weekend or even more and some cast multiple votes.
170 million sms@N0.30k. It will generate a revenue of N51,000,000.00k (Fifty-one million naira).

Give this some thoughts and try to identify the opportunities you can create to ride on this model.
You can improve your income streams generating potential.

Remain positive to life lessons by avoiding criticism. Focus on learning the opportunities and take advantage of the positives to improve your life.

Create a business today.

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