Know The Intent Of The People Around You

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November 1, 2019
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November 4, 2019

The knowledge/understanding of the energy, spirituality and the intent of the people around us is very critical and may impact you negatively if you are weak but you must not sink low and allow judgment rule you. It’s all about how we manage our energy space because we are feeling beings and our feelings reveal a lot to us if we learn to pay attention.

Think ascending thoughts of love for yourself and all, and whatever others may project at you will never penetrate your defense.
It is a gift of love and can never be manipulated.

Real influence and manipulation happen at the spiritual level via the frequency of feelings. It is a vibration of human energy and love leads to higher vibrations and good defense while fear will lead to lower vibrations and poor defense thus, leading to frustration and depression and eventually death.

– JS

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