How Much Are You A Victim Of Your Inherited Superstitious Beliefs?

Time To Do A Reflection On Your Life
December 29, 2019
2020, The Beginning Of A Fresh Decade.
December 29, 2019

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How much are you a victim of your inherited superstitious beliefs? I think a lot of us are. It is buried deep in our subconscious mind but it rules our lives and they are the king in our kingdoms.

Recently, a very close male friend who thinks he is very religious and claims to be beyond faults because he claimed he has been saved for more than 45 years and has never had any alcohol, never lied or did some of the things we are judged by as very bad, said, he is very spiritual and upright.
He recently became very suspicious of his wife of over 20 years and this made him angry, upset and unsettled.

After three weeks of self-agony and pain, he told the wife: “You must go to the village to swear to our village oracle and prove your innocence.”

Now, give this some thoughts, how many of us can be guilty of this? The power of domestication and sub-conscious mind programming is so strong but it is breakable and that’s the first step towards personal freedom. This is where Mind Engineering comes into play.

– JS

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