How Many Sources Of Income Do You Have?

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November 2, 2019
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November 8, 2019

My mentor once asked me, John, how many sources of income do you have?

I replied: “One but it is huge.” Then he said one source of income is not good enough for survival no matter how huge it is, it may not survive life challenges which you must encounter. You must have not less than seven sources of income. It may be small but let them be streaming in more income constantly by a productive process and strive to scale them.

Use the current single source to create multiple sources by investing in a business that you clearly understand and in control of. Your monies are like your soldiers, if you waste it, by consumption, you will have no defense when challenges come.

You must train soldiers and equip them properly to perform their defensive responsibilities.
In life, it is called a productive process that is scalable.

– JS

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