Get Out Of The Low Self-esteem And Sadness Created By Life Processes

The Thoughts You Are Allowing Are Creating You
February 2, 2020
Love & Companionship
February 13, 2020

Stop worrying, get out of the low self-esteem and sadness created by the setbacks, failures and disappointments. They are normal life processes designed to bring out the best in you and positioning you to handle the greatness you are creating.

Go within and stir up that self-motivation by connecting your paths in life with your intent and the destination then wrap it up with beauty, courage and extreme ownership. Start the work to realize them. It is 100% doable and you will do it and be happy doing it. Get out and engage.

Worrying and sadness are poison to your soul and body. Never allow them stop you. Starve them of your attention.

For you to grow and improve on your current situation, you must take action and do the following:

1. Get sick and disgusted with your current situation so much that it will irritate you.

2. Improve and change your current circle of friends and associates. You are feeding from their energy and it contributes to what is influencing your thoughts.

3. Set target and get clarity, create a plan and set goals then get down to work.

4. Find a purpose and meaning to why you must do what you must do in order to create the change you seek.

5. Tell yourself everyday that you deserve better from life and you are responsible for creating the change and you own the process 100%. It is called extreme ownership.

The truth is that nothing will change unless you change.

– JS

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