Dream And Push Yourself Daily To Create That Experience

You Must Decide On A Path To Take In Your Life Journey
February 19, 2020
You Must Deliver On Your Promises
February 19, 2020

In life, we always move towards the outcome that we think is possible but that itself is a big limitation shaped by our environment and what we are exposed to.

The abstract world you may venture into, imagine it as real as the hands in front of you.
Don’t ever be confined to what you think is possible. Open and expand your mind, there are so many possibilities out there and the dreamers are creating them every day, making them a reality. They don’t react to life, they create their experiences. It takes a decision to step out of your comfort zone, courage, paying the price and ignoring lots of distractions.

The cell phone you are currently using is someone’s dream and he manifested it. You can choose to just get by with life and then wait to transit or you can choose to dream and push yourself daily to create that experience.

– JS

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