Don’t Ever See Life From The Lens Of Scarcity Or Low Self-worth

You Must Deliver On Your Promises
February 19, 2020
Your Personal Organization Precedes Your Greatness
February 21, 2020

Don’t ever see life from the lens of scarcity or low self-worth.
You earn your worth from the small activities that are progressive and others won’t see it until they crystallize.

Humans relates with and celebrate achievement that they can see but ignore the little progressive efforts and sacrifices that you must put in and prices you had paid. The efforts, the sacrifices and the prices paid are not quick wins and may go unnoticed, but that is what shapes and defines your standards and creates the values.

You must earn it and it will take a lot of time. Keep walking and holding your head high in humility and continue to show up and engage. Don’t under cut yourself.
The value you portray will become your reality and define how you are perceived.

Put a price to your worth in the services or the product that defines you.

– JS

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