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Can you separate “self” from the choices and actions you take ?
May 16, 2020
power and synergy
June 7, 2020

The fall out due to the Covid-19 pandemic has estranged many intimate relationships leading to breakups, behaviours and habits that do not support beautiful romance.

Many expectations were not met during the lockdown especially in flow of materials and cash from the male to the female. This has happened and we must learn to manage the outcome positively and still engage living as friends.

It is built in the Psychology of our people that a man must protect, support and provide for the woman. In the days of our fore fathers, the men with the most capacity, huge and successful farmers, hunters and Warriors all had the beautiful woman naturally attracted to them.
That psychology has not changed. But, what changed is the definition of capacity. The capacity now is the economic values represented by your ability to make money and have enough to support your women well. If you don’t have that capacity, then you are low at the bottom of the economic value chain and will be less attractive to women. Simply put, you don’t have money or probably you have but maybe stingy.

I agree that some women may show some high level of aggression in their expectations from the men but it is all about balance. Take care of your woman and she will take care of all your needs. Don’t blame the woman. Excuse yourself from the intimacy and go build capacity first. Go make money, then, you can go seek for the woman you desire and be prepared to support and provide for her.

This is my personal opinion.

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