Allow People To Choose Their Own Path In Life

The Challenge We Must First Learn
September 22, 2019
Life Is Not A Struggle But Your Ability To Identify The Opportunities
October 2, 2019

Never deny the people in your life the right to choose the life they want or who they want to be with especially in intimate relationships. If you do or attempt to force the union or manipulate it, you will lose your own freedom, this will manifest in many ways and will hurt you in manners and ways you can never imagine.

Allow people to choose their own path in life and support them to go and succeed as much as you can.
Never fall to the temptation to judge them, criticize or gossip about them. Focus on finding your own path in love and the person you will need as a helpmate will naturally flow in.

It is pure energy and the manifestation of the law of love in action.

John Shaibu.

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