John Onche Shaibu

The contemporary society is plagued with many broken people who grapple with feelings of insufficiency, self-doubt and low self-esteem. Many are still under the illusion that the system in their locality must work well, so that they can fully enjoy life. That is why whenever I come across people with such a mentality, I say this to them: You cannot influence or control what is external to you. You only have control over your thoughts and the decisions you make. The best way to annihilate this mentality is to ignore the things you can’t influence, but focus more on your area of competence – those spaces where you are passionate about, your core strength. Jettison vices capable of pulling you back to the state of despair.

Writer’s bio

M y name is John Onche Shaibu, a trained Electrical Engineer with Majors in Telecommunications, Networking and Physical/Electronic Security. I worked as Head of the Security and Technology Unit, Chevron Nigeria Limited, before retirement. I am also an award-winning motivational and inspirational messenger; a career I pursue with a superlative passion. The myriad of experiences in life have brought me to this conclusion; The complexities of modern life with its attendant social uncertainties, economic injustices and even fierce political competitions can be best managed by looking inwards.

It is easy for us to see strengths or weakness in others, but hardly do we recognize our strengths and weaknesses. We are all gifted with potentials, much more than we like to take credit for and many people, unaware of what they possess, are struck with feelings of insufficiency and eventually doubt their capabilities. Therefore, it is essential that as we strive to become better, we should also teach people around us to find their strengths and utilize them in pursuing attainable goals.

My determination to effect change in the lives of people that I come in contact with, led to the birth of TodayWithJohnShaibu. We are committed to providing support to young people on mental health, skills acquisition, career supports, counselling, and identity definition. With our well-structured program on self-awareness and mind control strategies, we present answers to sundry issues on mental health.

Be free to live and dream and let your mind and imaginative concepts go wild but with control. Your natural creative strength and will power will be at it's best when you live with this attitude and mindset. DON'T EVER PUT A LIMIT TO YOURSELF.

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