A Lot Of Humans Get So Focused On Not Becoming Poor That They Play Defensively

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December 23, 2019
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December 26, 2019

A lot of humans get so focused on not becoming poor that they play defensively.

In the game of life, you must play to win by focusing on strategy that delivers value chain that is scalable. Simply put, take huge risk by getting out of that comfort zone and engage. Humans are wired to exchange and trade on values and that’s the tide of flow that governs commerce.
Power, money and respect is traded on the platform of commerce and negotiations.

Logic may fail you and your psychology may also fail you, depending on your sub-conscious mind programming which may not support a winning attitude.

No matter what, learn to play to win and aim at winning very big. You may lose but don’t stop or quit. The game never ends until you breathe your last. One thing is sure, you will win and win very big.

– JS

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