95% Of Our Habits And Behaviors Is Sponsored By Our Sub-conscious Mind

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December 26, 2019
Time To Do A Reflection On Your Life
December 29, 2019

Someone asked me: “John, what’s the concept and the driver sponsoring your messages and teaching?”

I replied: “We are trying to create a transformation within the individual belief structure, starting from ourselves and with the awareness that 95% of our habits and behaviors is sponsored by our sub-conscious mind. This sub-conscious mind was programmed between the ages of zero to seven to create our beliefs through observation and this is reinforced by repetition and practice for the next thirty years to build the structure that defines our identity.”

This identify as shaped, is based on 99% lies and fear-driven factors shaped by environment and social structure. That’s why we are weak humans and we struggle with life’s challenges.

To create the transformation, we must bring together these – Religion, Neuroscience, Epiginetic and Quantum Physics to create a program that will reprogram our sub-conscious mind and build in us new and empowering belief structure.

Every life emanates from belief.

– JS

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